#DCM2019 Complete Set: 7 DVDs, 7 CDs + Digital HD Download

Anointed messages from Dominion Camp Meeting 2019 featuring Dr. Rod Parsley, Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Pastor David Crank. "Real Talk" Kim Pothier. Pastor Robert Madu, and Pastor Eric Petree
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Dominion Camp Meeting 2019
Complete Conference Set: DVD, CD + Digital Download
Order your COMPLETE 2019 CONFERENCE SET, get all 7 powerful messages on DVD, CD, and MP3 audio and High Definition 720p MP4 video!
Don't miss your opportunity to receive all 7 anointing messages to watch or listen again and again from:
  • Dr. Rod Parsley
  • Pastor Samuel Rodriguez
  • Bishop Tudor Bismark
  • Pastor David Crank
  • "Real Talk" Kim Pothier
  • Pastor Robert Madu
  • Pastor Eric Petree
NOTE: Customer agrees upon purchasing this item that customer will receive the Complete DCM2019 Conference Set on DVD, CD, and a Download Access Card which will be mailed expeditiously to the customer upon both the conclusion of DCM2019 and the final preparation of the DVDs, CDs, and downloadable files, not before Wednesday, July 10, 2019.
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