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The Sukkot Mystery Revealed (Book) & Demonology (Handbook)

Receive TWO powerful resources from Dr. Rod Parsley: The Sukkot Mystery Revealed: Divine Revelation Illuminated by an Ancient Decree of the Lord & Demonology: End Evil Live Free
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The Sukkot Mystery Revealed
The entire Tabernacles season - Sukkot - is an illustrated sermon of God's desire to dwell with His people. The one time every year He draws closer to His people than at any other time -- especially all those who have been abandoned, abused, betrayed and broken.
In this book, you will discover...
  • The longing of the heart of God to dwell in you
  • The divine withdrawal to provoke you to seek after God
  • The meaning of the 7 visitors
  • The unbridled joy of God's presence in our lives
This book will stir your faith and inspire you to celebrate God's presence every day. Order it now!
End Evil Live Free
The devil has targeted the church and the world with an all-out assault. He has attacked our joy, finances, health, and stolen whatever he can get his hands on.
But our ancient adversary can be overcome. We need to lift ourselves out of a self-centered spirituality, a mentality that says we are victims rather than warriors.
Freedom is never granted voluntarily by the oppressor... it has to be taken by force. You've prayed long enough, believed long enough, and confessed long enough. Now it's time to tell the devil you've come to take back everything he has stolen!
This handbook exposes Satan's schemes and devices as Pastor Parsley unmasks the adversary.
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