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He Came First

The First of all firsts has gone before you to enable you be become a breaker.
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There is one man whose life dwarfs all other feats of greatness. He alone can claim the title as the first of all firsts: Jesus Christ. He came First.

In He Came First, Rod Parsley demonstrates that your greatest desires and dreams are waiting to be fulfilled as you seek the One who goes before you. Those who achieve greatness in this life carve their names in the annals of world history. Christians who follow the First of all firsts and successfully navigate through life etch their names in the Lamb's book of Life. Pastor Parsley writes, "Don't settle for second place. Don't be content with a complacent life of mediocre existence that so easily satisfies the people of this present age and moreso the church." Those who belong to Jesus are endowed with seeds of greatness. You can destroy the obstacles that limit others because you can follow in the footsteps of the One who goes before you.
 You can be a breaker because "He Came First".
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