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Pastor Rod Parsley
Books → Revelation - Debunking the Myth (4 DVD's, Study Guide, CD)
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Revelation - Debunking the Myth (4 DVD's, Study Guide, CD)

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"Revelation: Debunking the Myth" Collection
"Revelation: Debunking the Myth" − a new series with teaching on 4 DVDs covering every verse of Revelation, Pastor Parsley's personal and complete study notes in a companion Study Guide on the entire book of Revelation, and a bonus CD of Pastor Parsley reading the book of Revelation so you can receive the blessing it promises!
This collection is one of the most prophetically impactful ministry resources on the Book of Revelation available today, exploring topics and debunking myths, like:
  • Is there a Rapture of the Church?
  • Can a person receive salvation from Jesus during the tribulation period?
  • Is the antichrist a world-wide ruler?
  • When will the antichrist be revealed?
  • Who is the antichrist?

Don't be deceived by false teaching and misinformation. Gain a new perspective about the most misunderstood book of the Bible. Get Pastor Rod Parsley's complete collection of "Revelation: Debunking the Myth" today!

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