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Pastor Rod Parsley
DVDs → Effective Leadership 300 (8 DVDs, CDs + Workbook)
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Effective Leadership 300 (8 DVDs, CDs + Workbook)

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From 2015 Dominion Camp Meeting "Behold"

Effective Leadership 300

Rod Parsley is on assignment from on high to raise up an army of leaders, like Gideon's 300, sharing the knowledge, strategies and leadership skills that he has gained in 40 years of full time ministry and leadership over 25 businesses and ministries.

We all need better strategies to accomplish our goals in life. Whether you're a business owner, work an 8-5 job, a student, or a stay at home parent; Rod Parsley's Effective Leadership 300 teaching series will help you succeed wherever God leads you.

Eight impactful lectures on both CD & DVD

  • Professionalism: The Proof is in the Pudding
  • By the Book: The Throne of Towel Conundrum
  • Sandbox Rules: The Kindergarten Ph.D.
  • Blindsided: Lessons from the School of Hard Knocks
  • Order Up: The Strength of Structure
  • You have the skills: Communication is Key
  • Grit: When Trouble Shows Your Character Grows
  • Wisdom Wins: Discovering God's Wealth of Knowledge
You cannot pass up this opportunity to glean from a Champion! Order the 8 CD's, 8 DVD's and the bonus workbook TODAY!

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