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Pastor Rod Parsley
Books → Princesses & Superheroes + Tapestry of Faith (4 DVD, Book)
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Princesses & Superheroes + Tapestry of Faith (4 DVD, Book)

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Dominion Camp Meeting presents:

A special package of product including:

  • The Gospel According to Princesses & Superheroes - Four inspiring messages from Pastor Rod and Joni Parsley that help you learn how God will equip you by the Holy Spirit with supernatural tools to oppose your opposition.

  • Tapestry of Faith - Enjoy this delightful book by Joni Parsley as she writes about walking through life's challenges. Joni weaves an emotional tapestry layered with laughter, tears, questions, insights, struggles and victories.With a conventional style full of engaging stories and enlightening metaphors, she demonstrates how you can live a life of joy and faith during the best of times and during the worst of times.
Request both of these amazing ministry resources NOW from Dominion Camp Meeting!

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