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Pastor Rod Parsley
Books → Day of Atonement Package (Shofar, Book, CD)
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Day of Atonement Package (Shofar, Book, CD)

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An End-Time package from Pastor Rod Parsley:

Day of Atonement Package 

Timely new product from Pastor Rod Parsley

This package includes:

God's End-Time Calendar: The Prophetic Meaning Behind Celestial Events and Seasons - A new book by Pastor Rod Parsley answers these questions and more...

  • Why does God speak through heavenly bodies?
  • What are the four profound truths about God's calendar?
  • How does following His calendar change my life?
This book will prepare you for the dawn of eternity. Perfect for your prophetic library!

God's Season: Your Seven Blessings: A powerfully anointed, God-given message by Pastor Rod Parsley on audio CD.

This message will help you understand the season of Atonement - and experience your seven special blessings ... including the DOUBLE PORTION!

Jubilee Shofar from Israel: No two of these alike, this unique shofar that comes from the land of Israel can be proudly displayed in your home or workplace. What a wonderful reminder of God's promises to you! What a way to celebrate the sound of Jubilee!

Order this package today and be ready to celebrate Jubilee with your friends and family. Don't wait. Supplies are limited. 

Price: $40.00



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