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Pastor Rod Parsley
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Gone: One Man... One Tomb...One Sunday (Book)

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The second in the trilogy from Pastor Rod Parsley:

GONE:  One Man ... One Tomb ... One Sunday!

While Pastor Parsley was winning his battle against cancer of the vocal cords the Lord laid on his heart to write a sequel to his best-selling book, The Cross, One Man … One Tree … One Friday.  What resulted will change the way Christianity looks at the Resurrection of Jesus Christ forever!

In his astonishing new book Gone: One Man … One Tomb … One Sunday many of the questions about the Resurrection are revealed including:

  • Raised from the dead? How? Why?
    In this extraordinary book: Mysteries of the Resurrection explained ...
  • What actually happened in the days just before and just after Christ’s Resurrection? What was really going on between Jesus’ death on Good Friday and His Resurrection on Easter Sunday morning?
  •  How did the Resurrection impact your life? How is it still impacting your life today?


·       How can the truth about Christ’s Resurrection influence the way you set priorities ... the way you worship ... what you expect out of each and every day ... and how you share your faith?

You can have a personally autographed copy of this landmark book for only $20. Order it TODAY


Price: $20.00


Releasing the Power of the Resurrection (Book)

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