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Pastor Rod Parsley
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Jubilee Collection (CDs & USB)

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Pastor Rod Parsley presents from Resurrection Seed the entire:

Jubilee Collection

16 power-packed messages sure to feed your faith and starve your doubts to death.

These life-changing messages on CD and USB drive include:

1) Jubilee Forever                                                                9) A Seed That Changes Everything
2) Extraordinary Miracles/Blessings from an Ordinary Chair   10) Doctrine of Desire
3) I am Blessed                                                                  11) Living Under an Open Heaven
4) Covenant Blessings                                                        12) The Blessing of God
5) Redeemed: The Curse (of Poverty) is Broken                    13) Accelerating Your Due Season
6) Three Key Ingredients for Reaping a Miracle Harvest         14) Your Now Season
7) All Things are Possible                                                    15) Now Prosperity
8) Only Believe                                                                   16) The Suddenly of Your Now Season 

Just read those titles. Every electronic device is covered - you can listen in your car, your home, your computer, your workplace, as you exercise, work around the house or in meditation and Bible-study. You will be ready to breakthrough every line of Satan's defense and bring the Glory of God into your home. After you listen to them, give them to friends and family. These are not messages of gloom and doom, but of victory and overwhelming blessing in every area of your life. If you ever wanted any material from Pastor Parsley, this is it.

Inspirational messages of this type would normally cost hundreds of dollars but Pastor Parsley wants you to get them in your spirit as quickly as possible, Order the 16 CD's and USB Drive for only $75. They won't last long so order now!

Price: $75.00



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