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Pastor Rod Parsley
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Jubilee Forever (1 CD)

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A classic Pastor Rod Parsley Message:


You would not think one CD would make the impact that this message on Jubilee has. The feedback on this message is amazing. Lives are being changed by the power of God as people listen to this message while driving down the road or listening to it during their meditation time. As you listen to this profound message, you will realize that the promises in the Old Testament to the children of Israel concerning the year of Jubilee belong to you also. These five blessings can be yours...

  • A Jubilee FAMILY blessing — that God will meet the single most urgent need in your family relationships!
  • A Jubilee FINANCIAL miracle — that God will supernaturally cancel debt and bless you with prosperity!
  • A Jubilee dream FULFILLMENT — that God will make your fondest personal God-given dream come true!
  • A Jubilee FREEDOM breakthrough — that God will set you free from whatever addiction, or habit, or 
    pattern is holding you back!
  • A Jubilee experience of FAVOR from on high — that God will grant you the esteem and approval of those 
    who can advance and enlarge your life!
Please don't order just one of these powerful CD's. Your family, co-workers and friends need one of them also. This CD is perfect for bible studies and church gatherings. 

Pastor wants you to have this CD in your possession so for a limited time, they are only $5 a piece. Don't miss out on this life-changing message in the year of Jubilee.

Price: $5.00



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