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Pastor Rod Parsley
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Unclaimed Riches (Book))

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There is a harvest waiting for you. In the heavenly pavilions of glory, with hands opened wide, the Lord has something for you. 

It is your unclaimed riches.

Pastor Rod Parsley presents:

Unclaimed Riches

Dr. Rod Parsley takes you on a journey -- following in the footsteps of moses as he led God's people to their Promised Land -- to help you discover:

  • The land of promise that God has already prepared for you
  • The great transfer of wealth that is about to take place
  • Your rights and privileges as a child of God
  • How much God wants you to prosper
  • How to claim what rightfully belongs to you
        ...and much, much more!

It is time to go get your unclaimed riches. Order your copy today!

Price: $10.00


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