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Pastor Rod Parsley
DVDs → The Finale Book & the Revelation Series Message Series (package)
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The Finale Book & the Revelation Series Message Series (package)

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Pastor Parsley wants you to be ready in these end-times by sending you a package of prophesy material which includes:

  • An autographed copy of his landmark book THE FINALE – One World…One Ruler…One Reign…. This exclusive hardback copy is the last in a trilogy of prophetic books including: The Cross – One Man…One Tree…One Friday… and GONE – One Man…One Tomb…One Sunday…As you study this amazing book, you will be able to ...

    * Untangle the timeline of the book of Revelation.
    * Discover where we are on this timeline!
    * See what “the end times” mean for this world.
    * Prepare yourself and your family for the Lord’s return.
  • You will also receive a four message teaching series called Revelation: Debunking the Myth on DVD plus the study guide and a bonus prophesy CD. This prophetic series on the end times takes you chapter by chapter through the book of Revelation. This collection is one of the most prophetically impactful ministry resources on the Book of Revelation available today, exploring topics and debunking myths.
With these resources, you will come to understand Revelation, be able to share it, even teach it – and you will certainly be able to explain it to your unsaved friends and family. Order this prophesy package today!

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