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Pastor Rod Parsley
DVDs → 2017 Camp Meeting Repairers Package - (2 Books, 5 DVD's)
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2017 Camp Meeting Repairers Package - (2 Books, 5 DVD's)

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Relive the highlights of the REVIVAL experience from Dominion Camp Meeting 2017 - LEGACY with this incredible package of Dr. Rod Parsley material offered during Camp Meeting weekend which includes 3 classic products:

Repairers of the Breach -  The message that started it all for Dr. Rod Parsley. In this book and DVD, the message is, it is time to return to the discarded values of the past. This is more than just a typical sermon. It is a message from God to the church. It is a message from God to preachers. Repair and restore: the saving message of Jesus Christ.

Ancient Wells: Living Water  In this book, Dr. Parsley unlocks for you the secret to spiritual rejuvenation, found in ancient wells of a bygone era. Draw from these springs, and watch your spiritual desert blossom with abundant life everlasting.

The Wisdom of God â€“ In this 5 DVD series, Dr. Parsley shares in depth revelation about the three crucial aspects of the greatest of all treasures… the Wisdom of God. Listen to these titles:

  • Wisdom... The Principal Thing
  • We Speak Wisdom
  • The Spirit of Wisdom
  • The Spirit of Excellence

The price for this material will not be this low much longer. Take advantage and order them now before the price goes back up.

Regular Price: $95.00
 On Sale For: $35.00


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