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Pastor Rod Parsley
Books → 2018 Dominion Camp Meeting Finale w/Legacy Bible Package (1 Book and 2 Bibles)
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2018 Dominion Camp Meeting Finale w/Legacy Bible Package (1 Book and 2 Bibles)

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2018 Dominion Camp Meeting 

Finale w/Legacy Bible Package

The Finale Book - In Pastor Parsley's book, The Finale - One World... One world ... One Reign..., he examines the symbolism of an ancient Jewish wedding the book of Revelation uses to illuminate the return of the Lord and the marriage supper of the Lamb.  As you study this amazing book, you will be able to: 

* Untangle the timeline of the book of Revelation. 
* Discover where we are on this timeline! 
* See what “the end times” mean for this world. 
* Prepare yourself and your family for the Lord’s return

2 Living Legacy Bibles - "A blueprint to help you create a living legacy throughout your life of building God's Kingdom!" - Pastor Rod Parsley.  Features of the Living Legacy Bible include: Modern English Version, bound in soft-touch cover, Easy-to-read, larger-print text, Concordance, full-color maps and ribbon markers.  Plus, the Living Legacy Teaching of Pastor Rod Parsley.  Perfect for daily Bible study, reading and devotions! 

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