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Pastor Rod Parsley
DVDs → 2018 Dominion Camp Meeting Still Silent No More Package (4 DVD's, Book)
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2018 Dominion Camp Meeting Still Silent No More Package (4 DVD's, Book)

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2018 Dominion Camp Meeting 

Still Silent No More Package 

Still Silent No More (book) - Confronting the challenges of our culture in the 21st century, Rod Parsley has a perspective that enables him to speak forthrightly to the issues of our time. He still believes that a consensus based on common sense and incontrovertible truth can be crafted even in the midst of heightened and polarized passions.

A Time to Speak (4 DVD's) - From the recent race riots and natural disasters -- to rampant fake news, it is evident that we are living in turbulent times.  Shattered and confused, America is searching for answers.  Will we remain silent ... or will we speak with clarity and conviction?  Dr. Rod Parsley reaffirms his declaration to still be silent no more in his sermon series that addresses the issues of our times.  Each message brings clarity in the midst of chaos and speaks to the heart of the human problem, which is the problem of the human heart.

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