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Pastor Rod Parsley
Books → 2018 Dominion Camp Meeting The Cross Set (3 Books)
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2018 Dominion Camp Meeting The Cross Set (3 Books)

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2018 Dominion Camp Meeting 

The Cross Book Set

  • The Cross - One Man... One Tree... One Friday - Pastor Rod Parsley worked two years on this true labor of love for the Father and a dramatic departure from anything God has ever given Pastor Parsley to write.  Pastor Parsley has received a mandate on his life from God to bring the biblical message of the Cross to this generation!

  • GONE:  One Man ... One Tomb ... One Sunday!  Plus a set of "Gone" Dog tags - While Pastor Parsley was winning his battle against cancer of the vocal cords the Lord laid on his heart to write a sequel to his best-selling book, The Cross, One Man … One Tree … One Friday.  What resulted will change the way Christianity looks at the Resurrection of Jesus Christ forever!  In his astonishing book Gone: One Man … One Tomb … One Sunday many of the questions about the Resurrection are revealed.

  • The Finale - One World... One Ruler... One Reign... - In Pastor Rod Parsley's book, The Finale - One World... One Ruler... One Reign..., he examines the symbolism of an ancient Jewish wedding the book of Revelation uses to illuminate the return of the Lord and the marriage supper of the Lamb.  This is an absolute read for all who seek to understand the times we live in right now!

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