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Pastor Rod Parsley
CDs → 2018 Dominion Camp Meeting The Great Physician Package (3 Books, 5 CD's, 2 DVD's)
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2018 Dominion Camp Meeting The Great Physician Package (3 Books, 5 CD's, 2 DVD's)

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2018 Dominion Camp Meeting

 The Great Physician Package

  • The Great Physician: God's RX For Healing (3 CD's) - Psalms 107:20 - He sent His word and healed them and saved them from all their destruction.

  • 7 Ways God Heals (2 DVD's & 2 CD's) - Divine Healing is a benefit provided by God for every believer - an eternal truth recorded throughout the Bible.  The healing anointing of God's Holy Spirit never leaves earth.  Dr. Rod Parsley's in-depth series on CD and DVD examines seven of the many scriptural ways by which God still provides healing and miracles today.

  • Be Made Whole (book) - Volume 1: A Guide to Divine Health: Spirit, Soul and Body - this book includes: Pastor Parsley’s own personal collection of Scriptures, his private confessions and most intimate prayers to the Lord, personal handwritten notes, and faith-building teachings.

  • Be Made Whole Volume 2 (book) - Volume 2: Living in Authority, Assurance and Abundance - This book will usher you into the life of God’s abundance He wants for you, show you how to use your authority over Satan to be free of all bondage, and teach you about the keys to living each day victoriously!

  • He Sent His Word & Healed Them (minibook) - Healing- this word communicates so much, yet, unfortunately, so many fail to receive this eternal promise. God has announced healing for not only your body, but also your mind, will and emotions. Throughout the pages of eternity, prophets, kings and vagabonds have received the healing touch of Jesus. The Bible itself is lined, from beginning to end, with the crimson traces of this timeless treasure for all who will claim it as their own. As you declare the words penned on these pages, it is my prayer not only will you receive your healing, but also that you will know the Healer. He is closer than you think. If you will take a moment and listen, I believe you will receive a revelation for yourself of who He is in you. He is your Great Physician, and He offers you Calvary's double cure-salvation and healing


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