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Pastor Rod Parsley
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Culturally Incorrect (Book)

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The book that hit The New York Times' Bestseller list and has also been recognized on the best-seller lists of Amazon.com, USA Today, Publishers Weekly and The Wall Street Journal!
by Pastor Rod Parsley
In Culturally Incorrect, Rod Parsley addresses the social, political, spiritual and philosophical polarization with unabashed candor.
Some of the chapter titles are:
  • Surveying the Battlefield
  • Why Worldviews Matter
  • The Battleground of Science
  • Fighting for the Life of a Dying Culture
  • and much much more...
 See how current events are making this book even more a "must read" for this generation.
We can run. we can hide...or we can engage. Read this book. And choose.

Price: $15.00


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