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Pastor Rod Parsley
Healing → Speak The Word (Audio Scripture CD)
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Speak The Word (Audio Scripture CD)

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Dr. Rod Parsley & Bishop Clint Brown present:
Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:7).
On this 14-track CD, the Word of God, spoken by Dr. Rod Parsley and accompanied by Bishop and renowned Worship Leader Clint Brown, meets you at the very point of your need.
Whether it is physical healing, mental healing, deliverance, fear, or depression, Dr. Parsley has recorded a concentrated collection of scriptures dealing with specific struggles many face today. Hear the spoken Word of God and allow your faith to increase exponentially!
Great worship music by Clint Brown and great teaching by Rod Parsley!  Order it now!

Price: $5.00


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