Scars & Stripes ... Forever (10-Disc Series)

5-part teaching series on CD and DVD
Manufacturer: Rod Parsley
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In perhaps Pastor Rod Parsley’s most impactful series of messages in more than 40 years of ministry, he takes us once again, with vivid imagery, to the darkest day of human infamy and God’s ultimate triumph on the cruel cross of Calvary. Every message will open your eyes to realities you have never heard or considered, as Pastor Parsley debunks common assumptions regarding that fateful day -- even the words Jesus uttered in His final moments.

Five riveting revelation-filled messages that will change what you thought you knew about that day that changed the world…forever.

  • He Was Made Sin for Us
  • True Forgiveness
  • The Seal of His Suffering
  • Jesus Never Said That
  • I Thirst…

“Today we’re going to go to Calvary and may we walk away changed.” – Rod Parsley

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