The Final Demise of Fear

Fear has failed spectacularly. Love has triumphed gloriously. Jesus is calling all of us to demonstrate His victory over fear by living and walking in the freedom that rightfully belongs to all the sons and daughters of God.
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The Bible makes it clear that Jesus could not be intimidated, threatened or overcome by anything this world has to offer. And yet, on one occasion, He came face to face with the icy grip of the spirit of fear. 

Pastor Rod Parsley shines the light of the Gospel of truth on the final moments of our Savior, revealing that even our Canaan King was not exempt from the specter of fear. In this riveting book, you'll discover what caused Him to become fearful, and how the spirit of fear met its final demise... for you. 

"Gethsemane became hell's ground zero-- the last mile-- the fiercest fight. every force of hell was gathered together in that garden against the Son of God." 

-Dr. Rod Parsley

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