Unforgettable Communion Set

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Holy Communion stands as a monument to every adversary, to every sickness, to every force of the enemy... a reminder that you are covered by the blood of the Lamb every moment of every day.
Pastor Parsley has prepared this beautiful complete communion set - just for you. It has everything you need to partake of Holy Communion anywhere, anytime.
Each beautifully crafted Communion set includes:
  • A powerful teaching series with 2 DVDs and a bonus CD
  • A portable Breakthrough Communion kit in an elegant pouch to take with you on hospital visits and family gatherings.
    • 2 Stainless Steel Goblets
    • Communion Bread Container
    • Juice Vial and Funnel
    • Key Scripture¬† Verses
  • My own personal guide to daily communion
  • 4 convenient pre-packaged communion elements
What a great gift for a loved one or for your ministry to the Lord!
If you are a pastor, what a great gift for the members in your church!
Order your set today!
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